Sandwich environmentalism

HomegrownMore and more I’m finding restaurants in Seattle with menus featuring local food–mostly produce and meat. It makes me feel a whole lot better about going out to eat when I know my food wasn’t trucked across the country or even flown around the world.

Seattle’s Homegrown restaurant is in my neighborhood, so it’s been great walking to eat amazing sandwiches that use mostly local and organic bread, cheese, meat and veggies. They even serve local beer!

Homegrown touts their “theory” on their big chalkboard menu, saying they go hale's alesbeyond just local food in the effort to fight the good fight against climate change and The End of the World as We Know It.  They don’t sell bottled water and the napkins, plastic cutlery, etc.  are recyclable or compostable. Their menu changes occasionally to reflect seasonal changes, so that makes the whole thing even more exciting. Homegrown calls this beautiful synthesis of all things delicious and wholesome “sandwich environmentalism.”

There are all these little moments that take place when you ride your bike everywhere–moments you’d miss out on when you’re in a car, probably. Life moves at a slower pace (unless you’re one of those nut cases who thinks every bike ride is the Tour de France). Last week I caught this moment from Gas Works Park–a regatta on Lake Union at sunset. I’m not sure I would have noticed had I been zooming by in a car.

lake union at sunset


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