Indian summer

My pictures never fail to disappoint. Perhaps it’s because I’m a crappy photographer, which is probably true, but looking back on the photos I’ve taken over the last several months here just don’t do the scenery justice. They don’t convey the sheer expanse of the vistas or the sense of accomplishment at earning them after miles of hard hiking.

Case in point: the pictures of the backpacking trip I took this weekend to Spider Meadow in the Glacier Peak Wilderness. The trail is relatively flat for the first 7.5 miles, before climbing about 1,000 feet for the last half mile to a knob at the foot of a glacier. I camped in the back of the cirque rimmed with red mountains next to a stream rushing down from the melting ice. At night I drank hot tea and watched shooting stars streak across a smudge of the Milky Way. Sublime.

It was unseasonably warm this past weekend–temps were in the high 80s even as the leaves slowly start to lose their green. The end of this adventure–this year in Seattle–is close but it’s not palpable yet so I’m ignoring it. No packing, no preparations…just living and hoping the sunshine sticks around, too.

mountains beyond mountains


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