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Last year, it snowed a whole bunch at home in Louisiana before it snowed at all in Seattle, and I was really annoyed. I mean, how often does it happen that snow blankets Louisiana? So I sulked about that for a while, and then Snow-opolis ’08 happened and I almost couldn’t get to the airport to fly home for Christmas. Be careful what you wish for, eh?

It happened again this year, although with less fanfare. The snow only fell for a few hours at night last week, and it melted by the time I woke up in the morning. Since you can’t really take pictures of snow in the dark, this was my best shot. I stood outside for a while, completely under-dressed for snow, shivering in idiotic delight at the big, fat flakes floating to the ground. When this kind of thing happens here, it really is something of a miracle, even if it doesn’t stick around for too long. You gotta take what you can get, because it might not happen for another 30 years. Seriously.


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The gospel according to Theo Chocolate

Chocolate lovers beware: the factory tour at Seattle’s Theo Chocolate is dangerous.

The four-year-old factory plies visitors with so many samples before, during and after its hour-long tour that if you’re not careful, you’ll leave with a serious stomach ache.

When you finally recover, it’s likely you’ll never buy another kind of chocolate. Next to Theo’s environmentally and socially conscious (and delicious) chocolate, everything else seems mediocre.

Read the entire article online at Matador Goods.


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Unbeatable, unbelievable

I thought the Saints had silenced their critics when they beat up on the Giants in week 6, but apparently there was still a lot of doubt (not from Saints fans, of course) as to whether the Saints could hold up against a titan like the New England Patriots. (Cheaters though they may be.)

Before the win, though, there were some pretty asinine remarks floating around the interweb.

I’m not a football fanatic, but I occasionally read some of the news and rumors over at Pro Football Talk. When PFT posted a story on Monday about New Orleans City Hall closing early, a flurry of idiotic comments appeared, talking smack about New Orleans. Check out these enlightened responses to the story:

Now, I know that pro football fans are not a representative sample of the American population, but this was still mildly upsetting. I guess I can see how it might look from the outside: tax payers are paying the huge price tag to protect a place with famously rampant crime, a place where politicians are arrested after stashing bribe money in their freezers.

The excitement the Saints bring is palpable. There’s a sense of exuberance in the city where, at times, the disappointment and hopelessness of still-empty homes and incompetent local leaders can be overpowering. I guess that’s hard to understand from the outside. And City Hall shutting down at 3 p.m. because of “pregame preparations and anticipated traffic” seems entirely reasonable to me.

And so maybe New Orleans needs to work on its p.r. a little. Although I’m sure most people here don’t care what the rest of the country thinks.

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