Unbeatable, unbelievable

I thought the Saints had silenced their critics when they beat up on the Giants in week 6, but apparently there was still a lot of doubt (not from Saints fans, of course) as to whether the Saints could hold up against a titan like the New England Patriots. (Cheaters though they may be.)

Before the win, though, there were some pretty asinine remarks floating around the interweb.

I’m not a football fanatic, but I occasionally read some of the news and rumors over at Pro Football Talk. When PFT posted a story on Monday about New Orleans City Hall closing early, a flurry of idiotic comments appeared, talking smack about New Orleans. Check out these enlightened responses to the story:

Now, I know that pro football fans are not a representative sample of the American population, but this was still mildly upsetting. I guess I can see how it might look from the outside: tax payers are paying the huge price tag to protect a place with famously rampant crime, a place where politicians are arrested after stashing bribe money in their freezers.

The excitement the Saints bring is palpable. There’s a sense of exuberance in the city where, at times, the disappointment and hopelessness of still-empty homes and incompetent local leaders can be overpowering. I guess that’s hard to understand from the outside. And City Hall shutting down at 3 p.m. because of “pregame preparations and anticipated traffic” seems entirely reasonable to me.

And so maybe New Orleans needs to work on its p.r. a little. Although I’m sure most people here don’t care what the rest of the country thinks.


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