New beginnings

Now that’s not something you see too often around here.

Yesterday morning, I had to scrape ice off of my car’s windshield. The fountain froze solid, as did the puddles in the driveway. This might not be very cold to people in, say, North Dakota (are there even people in North Dakota?) but it certainly is here.

The ice on my car's windows one frigid morning.

Word on the street is that the deep freezes we’ve had the last few nights will wreak havoc on the strawberry crop. My first thought was, I hope Abita can still make Strawberry Harvest Lager.

I’ve finally started looking at apartments. It’s kind of a crazy process. I have to weigh the odds that a decent place will get scooped up while I’m looking for the “perfect” place. Or that I’ll settle for a place that’s livable and then, two weeks later, something better will open up. I’ve seen 3 places so far that are fine, each with certain positives and some drawbacks to weigh against the others. The stress of having to choose makes my spleen hurt. Seriously.

It’s also exciting to envision my life in each of these places, to think of how I’ll arrange my furniture and what pictures I’ll hang where. What meals I’ll cook and what movies I’ll watch. The memories I’ll make. The blank canvas of an empty apartment holds so much possibility.

Hopefully I won’t screw it up.


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