Roadtripping the Sicilian Coast


Where to go and what to see when you’ve got a car in Sicily, Italy.

Fly into Palermo

The highlights of Sicily’s coast take about a week to tour. Start by flying into Palermo, Sicily’s capital and largest city. You can rent a car at the airport and make Palermo your launching point for a day trip to Erice.

Palermo’s big and messy, but its tightly packed churches, squares, and palaces make it fun to just wander (which is something you’ll want to do on foot, not by car, as the streets are a nutty jumble of pick-up sticks).

Read the rest of the story online at Matador Trips.



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3 responses to “Roadtripping the Sicilian Coast

  1. This brings me back to my first backpacking trip! Sicily was the highlight of my Italian adventures, having to sleep on the street in Catania, snorkeling in Taormina…

    Love your write up on Matador.

  2. Meryl Pearlstein

    I’m so jealous — Taormina is where I spent my honeymoon. Got to Palermo for one day. Have to go back. Most amazing place to relax.

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