The art of doing nothing

If you want to make your kitchen smell like earthworm, leave a french press full of wet coffee grinds on your counter for a week.

Traveling is all about learning new things, right?

Utah is where I was all this time, hanging out with my sister who is in graduate school in Denver. We drove 6 hours to Moab, Utah, which was only moderately charming until the men with the dirt-caked 4x4s in the parking lot of our hotel were up all hours of the night tinkering with their stupid toys.

We hiked somewhere around 50 miles over the course of 5 days in Canyonlands National Park, Dead Horse Point State Park, and Arches National Park, camping at night in various places.

I think what I enjoyed most was that every evening, feet aching, we’d come back to our camp site and just sit, waiting for the stars to come out and the air to get too cold. We’d pull out the camp chairs, untie our shoes, open our books and not say much of anything. And while now I’m glad to be back in a place that has more than 1% humidity, I appreciated having nothing to do but eat, sleep, and watch the air turn purple with the setting sun.


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