On the bayou

I’d never realized how magical springtime is until I started gardening. Now that the weather’s warm the seedlings I planted have sprouted and the blueberries are getting ripe and there’s this sense of possibility in all those green bunches in the garden.

And then there are times when the whole experiment fails miserably…like when the deer decide the eggplant are going to be their dinner, or when three weeks of torrential rain kills the tomatoes. So, usually, the effect that growing my own food has is that I develop a sense of awe for what farmers do.

This weekend I went kayaking on Cane Bayou, a skinny stream cutting between Fontainebleau State Park and Big Branch Marsh National Wildlife Refuge. The cypress trees thin out not far from the boat launch and the marsh grass takes over. I passed alligators, snakes, jumping fish, egrets, wild irises, and even the remains of the Native American shell midden I’m writing about for Inside Northside.

I didn’t take a camera along, though, because my dad recently donated his iPod to Lake Pontchartrain and I figure it’s better, sometimes, to look hard and hold those images with your mind, rather than trying to frame it all through the lens.


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