Sunken treasure: Keith Dufour’s furniture

CONTACT KEITH: 504-908-6867

Keith Dufour is no stranger to media attention. The Covington furniture maker has appeared on three episodes of the History Channel’s Ax Men series, which feature his logger and four other logging companies around the country.

Dufour’s creations include tables, benches and mirrors made from either reclaimed wood he’s retrieved from old homes slated for demolition or ancient sinker logs pulled out of the Bedico swamp west of Madisonville.

Dufour makes his furniture in his free time from his day job as a territory manager for Cephalon, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company. About ten years ago he hired an acquaintance to teach him woodworking and began making mirrors from wood salvaged from old homes. “I was always fascinated with architectural salvage,” he says.

Read the rest of the story online at Inside Northside magazine.


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