A Louisiana Life: Shelby Stanga

Shelby Stanga might be a television personality, but you won’t find him living in luxury. The swamp logger prefers to sleep in a sleeping bag and hammock next to a boat launch on the Tangipahoa River.

Stanga has recently become a bit of a star thanks to the History Channel’s show Ax Men, which features him and four other logging companies around the country.

Stanga, as the show chronicles, pulls ancient sinker logs out of the Bedico Swamp in Tangipahoa Parish. Between 1850 and 1944, the swamp around Tangipahoa River and its creeks and bayous was milled extensively. The old-growth trees, most of which are cypress, were felled and floated down the creek to Lake Pontchartrain and used in home construction in New Orleans. Some of the logs sunk, and they’ve been sitting in the mud ever since — some for more than 100 years. The trees range in age from 2,000 years old to 5,000 years old.

Read the rest of the story online at Louisiana Life.



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10 responses to “A Louisiana Life: Shelby Stanga

  1. hoz

    Hooooahhh! Shelby and Piss Willie gonna get the MONEY!

    Quite a character.

  2. SHelby is one person I’d very much like to sit and chat with. He “Makes” the AxMen show and i certainly hope he has a long successful run and enjoys himself.

  3. egidio de simone

    shelby u r the man!!!!! u make the ax-men show watchable. i wish u were on more. good luck in the future.

  4. Cody G

    HA HA HERE WE GO!!!!!! GONNA BE TURTLE SOUP TONITE WILLIE! Shelby makes want to watch Ax-Men every week, the guy is a mad man and a true swamp man. Keep up the “wood” work!

  5. Man, you know you make the show and you are the dude I look to see. The rest of the show is just there. I was and prob. and on the , Larry the cable Guy did a show on us here in Murrells Inlet S.C. . It was alot of fun, but man I am a private person. I only hope the best for you, I really do.

  6. Oh , I forgot to say, Hey Shelby I Love You, You are my man.I mean that man……..

  7. trevor

    i love your show its awsome say hi to willie for me.please!

    trevor wold

  8. Barbara

    Hi Shelby,

    Love you and love your show. Hope they give you your own show. I look forward to watching you each week. You make me laugh and that is an important quality to have.


  9. Pamela

    You really are a Great Man. When I saw you carry Willie to the Vet my heart became yours. Stay safe & be sure to keep Willie safe.


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