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Seattle sidetrip: Hiking in North Cascades National Park

I HEAR THEM as soon as I get out of the car. Waterfalls. Across the valley are 7000ft saw-toothed mountains, flecked with melting glaciers. The roar of those long streams of meltwater carries for miles.

After an hour of dodging potholes on a partially unimproved Forest Service road, I’m damn happy to be standing up straight, about to get my pack on my back and get up into the mountains.

Read the rest of the story online at Matador Trips.


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Cascade Pass time lapse

Sam and I backpacked the Sahale Arm above Cascade Pass in the North Cascades a few weeks ago. On our way down the mountain on day 2, we made coffee and had breakfast at the pass while some impressive fog rolled in. I took this video over a 35 minute period. You can see the wind rattling the camera–the whole scene was pretty epic to behold. Watch as we get eaten by fog as Andrew Bird serenades, from his fantastic (and appropriately named) album, Weather Systems.

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Geeking out over ‘America’s Best Idea’

Six years in the making, Ken Burns’ latest documentary is set to premier on PBS on September 27. I am super excited.

Burns is a brilliant filmmaker, but it’s his subject that really has me geeking out this time: America’s national parks. National parks have more or less been the focus of several summer trips in my life and witnessing the majesty of the places they protect has laid the foundation for my personal paradigm. Seeing the Great Smoky Mountains as a kid, for example, inspired my first essays and short stories–that park made me want to become a writer. And, later, standing at the foot of the Grand Tetons, watching moose dine at dusk, I knew that environmental protection would be an important part of my life, and I hope it will be a part of my career.

For more on the documentary, visit the PBS site.

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